New movement says I sended 11 BAT to another account

Two months ago 11 BAT token dissapeared from my account, this happened previously and in a pair of days I had my BATs again. At this occasion I didn’t recovery my BATs and I claimed in here. Now suddenly I enter into UPHOLD and I see I have a transaction of two months ago, but last week I didn’t have this movement in my account

(idk if transaction num contains sensitive data, because that I cover it)

Last week I had like only two “transactions” and the two was brave sending me rewards. Now I get I have a two months transaction of 11BAT ¿?.

I contacted with Uphold support but I wanna know if this could be a Brave failing, or is a token steal (considering I never shared my acount neither my data, I only logged into my computer and cellphone and last week this movement didn’t exist)

send a dm to @steeven with the details of said transaction with screenshots and the next info:

and please, wait for his answer

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Thank you so much! =)

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