New method for sharing to Windows browser doesn't allow sharing multiple links

Brave for Windows recently switched the way it received shared links from other devices in the sync chain.

It used to have such links come through as Windows notifications that appeared in the action center. This worked for me because I could send a few links from, say, my phone to the desktop browser and they would all come through the next time I opened it.

The new method has a pop-up appear in the upper right of the browser itself. While I appreciate that this seems to work faster, it doesn’t allow multiple links to come through.

For example. I just sent three links from my phone to my desktop browser while the Windows machine was asleep. I then woke up my Windows machine. The first link immediately came through. The second and third never did; they’re lost to time.

Please allow us to receive multiple links on our desktop browser from other devices. I don’t care how it’s done; via pop-up or restoring the old method of using Windows notifications. Whatever way that allows all the links I send to my Windows device to come through reliably works for me!

Just following up since I’m still having trouble sharing links from my Android devices to my Windows device.

My main use case for sharing links is to send a couple of pages from my phone to my laptop while it’s asleep or I’m away. This used to work very well when Brave displayed shared links using Windows notifications. Now that Brave uses its own pop-up notifications, it’s been very unreliable. Sometimes none of the links I share come through, and in the best case, only one does – the rest get lost in the ether.

Please fix this. I’d rather not be able to not share links at all than to have it be unreliable.

This has unfortunately still been a problem for my workflow: I can’t send more than one link to my sleeping Windows desktop computer: if I do, there’s a good chance none of the shared links come through. This didn’t used to be the case when shared links came through Windows notifications instead of being integrated into Brave.

Is this a problem for anyone else? Or does your workflow never involve sending more than one link to a sleeping or off Windows machine?