New Laptop can't connect to Gemini

I have a bunch of devices where rewards is registered and using Gemini as the exchange.

I bought a new laptop and downloaded Brave, I try to sign to Gemini and it tells me that because my Account it Australian I cannot link it to my Brave reqards.

How can that be so when my other devices are linked?

This is really dumb, Brave is getting worse and worse IMO it keeps going downhill, now I cannot even connect my rewards to Gemini what is the point for me to even keep uisng Brave?

This is because ‘Gemini is now limited to the US only’. As for your new device, you won’t be able to connect since it is a new rewards profile and wasn’t ever connected to Gemini earlier. Though, your old machines were connected to Gemini so you’ll be able to connect to Gemini there since old connections are still active inspite of any geo locations.

How is it a new rewards account? Is it not the same rewards account on every device? Not were connected, my other devices ARE connected so how is it logical that they can be connected but my new laptop cannot?

Seems like the time is here for me to ditch Brave completely and go to Edge, it seems better anyway. The only incentive for brave was the rewards which I can no longer collect.

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Nope. Rewards actually don’t sync.

Go and read the post I’ve linked.

You could sign up for Uphold, since it’s still supported in Australia. Also, there’s been speculations of Gemini going Bankrupt, so might as well wanna switch.

I used to use uphold but the fees to transfer BAT are just too high it makes it pretty well pointless when you need to pay 30BAT just to transfer the funds. That’s why I switched to Gemini, the fees were way better.

For me now there seems to be no incentive to continue to use Brave.

So the rewards are not using our Brave wallet which we can backup and share across devices?

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You can convert BAT to a non eth chain crypto asset. Personally I convert to XRP and then send since the fees are pretty low then.

But when you click on the “Manage Brave Rewards” and select the “Backup Tab” it clearly states:

“If you’d like to secure your BAT in case you need to do a clean reinstall of the browser or reformatyour device, and would like to enjoy other benefits such as addind or withdrawing your BAT, we recommend verifying.”

So when I verify, it i supposed to be syncing my rewards profile across device. Surely if my device is linked to Gemini that same link will sync to the new device? this just seems like lazy coding.

Also how long until they block Australians from using Uphold as well?

That is true. But, you need to connect to the custodial service, either one of them.

Yes, if Australia is added back to support for Gemini.

No it is not. Buddy, go and read what verified and stuff means.

I can’t even disconnect my old devices from Gemini, so I am going to have some devices sending BAT to Gemini and this device to Uphold. This is ridiculous.

The support article for disconnecting rewards account is out of date and the option to disconnect is gone. This is evident by about 170 people saying the article is helpful and 680 saying the article is not helpful.

If you want to disconnect, you will have to reset brave rewards.
But before doing so, do make sure you’re able to connect to Uphold on your new device. So if there’s anything wrong, it can be rectifed before you reset to connect to Uphold.

If i reset it I will lose what I earned this month right? Also Uphold are giving me the run around, I signed in and they say I need to KYC my account which I have done before, I have photo my drivers licence for them 2 times now and both times they are saying the pictures are unclear but they are not they are crystal clear.

Seems my time using Brave comes to an end. No point for me when I cannot get rewards. Why is Brave blocking Australian users from Gemini anyway?

It could be because of government regulations, frauds and a whole lotta things which we, common users won’t know / unerstand. Also, its not like only your region is not supported. I live in India, not supported by Uphold neither Gemini. lol

So how do you get your BAT if you can’t use those exchanges?

3 of my devices were connected to Gemini before this whole region unsupported issue started, so was able to connect to Gemini successfully. As for my other 2, well, unfortunately, can’t connect. It’s fine though, getting BAT for browsing is good enough for me, don’t wanna be greedy!

Yea but when those other devices need to be replaced you’ll be out of luck and no point to use Brave anymore like me. Literally no point on this laptop, even Uphold are having problems so it makes using Brave worthless for me because all the SSO integrations to Microsoft services are far superior in Edge so not worth the trade off to use Brave when can’t even get the rewards.

Nope. For me Brave is a good browser overall, even if there were no rewards. The ad blocker is good in it class and gets the job done. Also, if I can just support creators, I would love to, also, the main motive behind BAT was to support creators and kinda re imburse cause of the revenue lost cause of ad blocking.

Your decision to make about what to use.

vBat is being deprecated. After April no more vBat. So you will have to connect to an exchange and verify or you will literally get 0 BAT.

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