New HP laptop has 'Edge' as the default browser - Edge is greyed out & will not allow Brave to be my default browser

Description of the issue:

  1. New laptop forces Edge to be the default browser
  2. It want Brave to be my default browser
  3. I have used Brave for 3+ yrs. Is this a new version???

Expected result: How to override Edge as the default browser? It is greyed out and will not allow any other browser to become the default browser. I would like to continue using the same Brave browser I have been using for over 3 yrs.

Additional Information: Microsoft Office was pre-installed on this new laptop – is this causing the issue?

Yo, Just another random user here. I’d love to help, but I think we’re gonna need some more info on what’s happening.

I’m going to assume that

  • You have Brave Browser installed and updated to the latest Version

  • You are currently using Windows 11, and not a Chromebook or something similar

  • You are attempting to assign Brave Browser as default through Control Panel\Programs\Default Programs

If something is different, please update us so we can try and replicate the issue. I can’t promise anything as a basic end user, but I can at least make an effort to see what’s happening. Plus, maybe someone smarter than me can do something.

Thanks for your time in replying -
I returned the laptop the day after I bought it.
I am expecting new laptops with Microsoft Office pre-installed in the purchase… will not allow Brave to be installed -
My libraries are set up in Brave - Edge is very limited in comparison, so this is why it did not work for me.
Thanks again, cheers.

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