New, Glad to be Here, Anxious to Learn


Please forgive me if I’m in the wrong place, but I’ve so much learn, and not just about the “Brave” browser. I’m being challenged by my darling husband to create an “Internet secure” environment in our home of 5 desktops and 6 laptops. His challenge stems from my totally “losing it” after the Brandon Eich story, and my obsession trying to figure out who, what, where, why and how something like that happened, and the inevitably of it all.
I eventually came back on line, after swearing never to do so again, but when I learned of his new browser I kinda got excited again. So now my family says I have to put either “my money or my foot” where my mouth is, and so here I am.
If it’s okay, I’d like to ask what are probably stupid questions?

  1. Is there a “graveyard” or list somewhere of browsers, plug-ins and programs that aren’t quite embracing the Brave browser? I know people are posting issues, but I’m hoping there’s a page that will save time and trouble.
  2. I’m also using Protonmail, ProtonVPN, and I’ve downloaded XAMPP, each with tutorials. Is there another - better- way to to do this, or something I need to replace?

Being married into a family of engineers, a few of my literature books have been replaced by PHP, Javascript, C++, Visual Basic, and other stuff. Still prefer Shakespeare, but I’ll sacrifice him to win this challenge:)

I want to do it responsibly, making sure everything I set up is compatible and compliments, with the understanding I’ll need to “learn” how these programs/systems work individually and collectively. I hope I haven’t overstated my intent or crossed lines of appropiateness. Thanks for listening.:slight_smile:


Not that I can say I know much about coding, but you sound like a Linux user? :smiley:



Welcome to the new fun browser,

Brave community members and developers are using this chatroom program with Braves on chat section
a lot of us are over there, but i would still reccommend sharing ideas in here as well for those that dont chat

PLUS i believe it makes it easier for developers to see any ideas from a member as well



Just remeber what @alex said :wink:

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