New features to add to brave


i think that brave should add icons to the links that you save to the favorites lists and to the ones that are already in your favorites list and they should add a feature that adds a history tab in the (three horizontal bars) section at the top right of the browser or in your favorites bar


You can turn on icons next to the bookmarks. Go into the settings, on the first tab (the General tab) there is an option for the bookmark bar. It sounds like you’d want Text and Favicons as your setting. I believe that’s what you are asking about, but if not please correct me.

About the history section, I think that would be a feature request. To be clear, you can access your history from the dashboard (the screen you get when you open a new tab), where it is the clock icon in the bottom right corner. That opens up a new tab for your history (or you can open a tab and type about:history). It could be nice to have the icons in there as well, but I don’t think there is currently an option for that. You can actually bookmark the history tab and it will appear on your bookmark bar.


when i turn on Text and Favicons, i can’t scroll down my bookmarks, plz help


Sorry to hear that. I believe you are experiencing this issue reported here: Bookmark toolbar menus won't scroll after update

They’ll certainly get it figured out and fixed.


i think brave should glow withe website you are hovering on in brave payments


alot of times when i go to load instructables i get “Attempting to load an URL resulted in too many redirects” plz help or fix this issue


i think that brave sould have a setting were you can turn off click and drag for tabs


and i think that you guys should add Microsoft rewards when you search something in google or what ever search engine you use


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