[New Feature] Implement history deletion of searched items

Let’s say I want to delete site “XWZ” from my History and let’s say I’ve used it a month ago and 2 months ago.

If, on History page, I Search for “XWZ” site I’ll get all of the results and I can select the ones I like. Now I want to delete them.

PROBLEM: I cannot delete the ones that I selected, there is no “Delete” button. The only way I can delete the item now is by clicking on the 3 dots on the right and delete a SINGLE item.

When I search for a particular site and I select the ones I want to delete, there should be a DELETE button that deletes all of the selected sites.

When I make a search, there should be a SELECT ALL button, that would select all of the searched items. After that, I could easily delete them all by clicking on the DELETE button.


Hi @damazz, Welcome to Community!
Thanks for making the feature request,
However a workaround for now would be to cmd + A (ctrl for windows) to select all and then hit the delete key.

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Faantastic thank you very much! @Aa-ron

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