New extension request:


I’m a big fan of the bookmarking site Would love to see a plugin for adding and managing bookmarks via that service. Here is more information about integrating with the service:


Is this similar to the Xmarks Bookmark plugin?


I’m unfamiliar with xmarks unfortunately.



Did you have a chance to look at the link that OP Moocha posted?
Like Xmarks, is a delicious-style bookmarking service, it’s been around for a long time.

Anyhow - I’m also a big fan and long-time user of bookmarklets.
At the moment, I have to switch to another browser to pin links, which is annoying.

What plans does Brave have regarding bookmarklets and/or adding as an extension?

many thanks,


For a temporary solution, we can create a new bookmark and fill the location field with some JavaScript code. already provides the JavaScript code.

For instance, to mimic the popup button, use following code: