New extension request - I don't care about cookies


I don’t care about cookies
It’s very important in everyday-use: it blocks cookies messages and doesn’t allow the page to reload itself. It still exists in Chrome and Opera (also in Firefox, excetera).
Chrome extension link:
Thank you for your attention and good evening.


Hi @Coraggioso what do you think of my suggestion below.


I think it would be a useful feature, but, maybe, it still exists in Brave! In settings, there is in privacy section (I puts ‘deny’ to Google and Yandex sites).
I’m using the last version of Brave. Try to watch it and let’s keep in touch.

For a slightly faster and less annoying browse - behind the scene/automated response

Will add the extension request later today :+1:


Thank you, my friend.
With this extension, Brave will be my first desktop browser, instead of Firefox.
Have a good day.


They don’t have a privacy section in setting and no ‘Deny’ feature exists.


Sorry, the section is called ‘Security’.


Request added:


Perfect, thank you, Jacalz.

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