New Dark Mode and Private Themes are causing eye strain & discomfort

Thank you for getting back to me, I appreciate it. I have attached some screenshots of what I am experiencing. Just a side note, I use an IPS ACER Nitro gaming monitor & IPS macbook air M1 as my displays, so contrast levels aren’t as good compared to a VA or OLED. (which I would imagine would actually give more eye strain)

In dark mode, the background is much too dark now, in both the tabs and the bookmark bar. It is especially difficult to read the text in the URL field. Also when putting the mouse over the bookmarks, there is no way to tell which bookmark I am selecting because the highlight background color is the same as the bookmark bar. So there is no ability to see what bookmark I am selecting unless I look directly at the mouse cursor. I also do not like the change where ONLY the main URL is white, but the rest of the URL is greyed out.

In private windows, the tab text is very difficult to read. The contrast is low and I have to move closer to my monitor & strain to read the text. The icons like back/forward/bookmark/extensions are basically invisible. Very faint and dim compared to the neon glow of the purple. The old theme was much easier to read and navigate imo.

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