New Creator Page

Is there a page that shows the complete process for using the creator role? For example:

  1. Fill out profile
  2. Best practices for Profile header/User Card Background and what they will be used for
  3. What major sites can I use my creator status with
  4. How to guide users to tip

If this is already created great, if not existing users please comment on your learned lessons.

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3 days ago i was thinking the same…

From what i was able to figure it out until now.

here you will find 5 cases where it can be used(6st is your domain

graphics from brave

basic info from brave

Once i will find more, it will be shared here, but i think is up to you, how you attract users and tell them how to tip.
Think as an user, what follow the flow, then think what would you like to see while you hit the triangle.

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