New computer, restored with "recovery key", BAT is gone

I tried searching the topics, saw similar threads, but couldn’t get a straight answer.

This seems as though it should be straightforward, but it’s not.

I had 100+ BAT. I got a new computer, then restored with the “recovery key”, the long list of words. I expected my 100+ BAT to be there. There was zero. What? Isn’t that the sole purpose of a recovery key (seed phrase)?

Also, I must say that I didn’t read the note below the text entry box. I fell that I know what a recovery key is supposed to do. It wouldn’t have mattered if I had read the note though, because these instructions are inane: “Restoring with a recovery key will replace your current wallet. So make sure you empty or back up your current wallet before restoring.” What is the purpose of a recovery key if it zeroes out what you’re trying to recover? Isn’t that called an “erase and make new wallet key”?


The recovery key only save your pending rewards, to save the bat in your wallet (the ones payed to you) you should have linked it to an uphold account. :confused:

Do you still have the old computer?

@crrdlx - was your wallet linked to an Uphold account?

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@crrdlx The recovery key stores only stores pending rewards. you want to link with uphold to secure your calmed BATs

yes, I can still see the BAT there

No. I’ve been holding off from starting an Uphold account. My thinking was that the “restore key” was to restore a wallet and BAT, independent of an external wallet (like Uphold).

So a “recovery key” only recovers rewards that have yet to be rewarded? Hmm. If that’s the case, there might be a better name for it.

the same thing happened to me, I lost 10$ worth of BAT :confused:

Sorry to hear that. I think mine is still there on my old computer, in that browser. It just seems odd to me that the wallet seems to be browser/computer specific. I still don’t know exactly what the “restore key” was even for then. Hang in there!

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I had made my Recovery Key some time back. I had to reload my computer on 9-11-2020. Did I loss all the BAT I had. I think it was close to $85.00. Is there a way to pull the data? I think I have my old Brave folder backed up.

I’m in the same boat…can see the BAT on the old computer. I don’t know of a way to “pull” the data, like finding a wallet file with bitcoin or doge. I thought that was what the restore key was for. I’m afraid the answer they’re going to give is, “Run it through Uphold.” I imagine that would work, but then, again, what’s the “restore key” for exactly? I don’t know.

The only recovery key I have is for the other wallets in Crypto Wallets. I can’t back up BAT at all. The only way to still have BAT on a new computer is use uphold or have someone(not yourself to be safe) else to send BAT to, that will return it to you.

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