New Browser Tour Interruption

Description: Downloaded new brave version; it has like a 5 step tour of the browser. On step 2 (for like brave payments or something) you can select “I agree” or “Try It Out” or something. I clicked and it opened a settings page but thereby booted me from the rest of the tour, and I didn’t know how to go back and see parts 3-5. It should open that settings page in a new tab. I also found no way of restarting the tour.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary):

  1. Download a fresh install of new browser
  2. I tried re-downloading the new browser, but it did not give me the tour, presumably because it knew there was an active install.
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Thanks for reporting @jlm1,

For now, you can type brave://welcome in URL bar to open the welcome tour again.

And I agree that it should open a new tab instead of open it in same tab. Lookin into it now.
Also cc @Mattches in case he know the existing issue.


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