New browser banner won't disappear after download

I downloaded Brave and then, as I was using it, a banner came up and said something like “This version is only good for 7 days. Download the New Brave”.

I downloaded the new brave and then installed it. I reopened my browser and then the banner came up again stating the same message.

I re-downloaded and installed the new Brave with exactly the same result four times in the past two days.

Can you share a screenshot of the issue? Also, from where you download those 2 Brave?

I downloaded the new brave browser on my iMac twice. Restarted the computer twice as well. Every time I open the Brave browser, the screenshot is what I get.

Did you download it from

Screenshot above is Brave (muon) – 0.25.x – which is now no longer supported.

If you have the new Brave v1.0 installed and done import your browser data from prev. Brave

And recover your Brave Rewards wallet too (if you have any)

you can uninstall the old Brave and set the new version of Brave (1.0) as default.

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