[New Brave Wallet] The method eth_signTypedData_v4 does not exist/is not available

When attempting to vote on a DAO proposal on snapshot.org, the new Brave Wallet is giving this error: { code: -32601, message: “The method eth_signTypedData_v4 does not exist/is not available”}

I resolved by switching back to “Crypto Wallets (deprecated)” restarting the browser and trying again. A signature request came up (which didn’t happen with Brave Wallet) and it worked just fine.

Logged issue for it https://github.com/brave/brave-browser/issues/19549

This is implemented in Brave Nightly already (as well as Brave Beta). It’ll appear in Brave Release as of the 1.33.x release which is around December 7th.

Please I have a question,am from Nigeria and I have been using brave browser. 4 month now,I don’t actually know what am suppose to do,to earn bat please I need advice

Please post a new issue as it is not related to the issue that you posted in. Thank you!
It should also go int he Brave Rewards category and not in Brave Wallet.