New Brave Wallet missing features

The new Brave Wallet overall looks nice at first, but trying to use it, it’s generally lacking in some basic features, and on the whole is problematic for me. The most glaring problems:

  1. When I click for the extension in the toolbar, I would like to see options for lists of assets or transactions, like in the previous version of Brave’s Crypto Wallet. I would expect to at least find links to such lists, maybe by clicking the three dots from this interface.
  2. Adding and setting up additional networks should be much simpler, especially for networks and wallets I previously set up in the previous version of Brave’s Crypto Wallets. These networks and additional wallets did not transfer and import to the new Brave Wallet as I would have expected.
  3. On my home computer, where I live alone, I find no need to ever lock my Brave Wallet to require my password to unlock it. I should be able to set it to never lock, but I can’t.
  4. Previously, I could click the Crypto Wallets extension, and click to view my wallet on Etherscan, but this is no longer an available option. I don’t understand why. This would also be helpful from time to time.

And btw, I realize that lists of transactions and assets can be found in the full interface for the Brave Wallet, but it is not in a convenient location, and difficult to navigate to these things. Overall, I greatly prefer the interface of the old Crypto Wallets extension.

Agreed, we’ll implement this here:

Agreed, we missed the mark on not importing the networks and we are improving the network list too. We’re improving the import here

You can set the auto lock timer to a large number in chrome://settings/wallet, that should do the trick for you.

Good catch, we’ll fix that in a close hotfix

I’m missing some features as well. I can’t set a gas fee below what the wallet detects as the minimum price at the time, which is particularly annoying when I want to trade off speed for cost. Transactions are also not making it from the wallet to my ledger for signing. I’ve tried to reset back to the old wallet view but none of the settings work.

There were some fixes in today’s hotfix and also the ability to see your account on Etherscan (cc @sailor0703).

Please try updating to 1.32.113 @yahehe and let us know if you’re still having that issue. is live in today’s release 1.35.100