New Brave Wallet Configuration external network


new wallet is eye candy and secure and wonderful. Good job.
Anyway, how to configure :slight_smile:

• Binance Smart Chain (Really need to give details ?)
• Polygon (Matic)
• Cronos (CRO Defi)
Don’t care about Solan until you don’t integrate it with NFT support (Phantom is the best)

It’s look like to validate we need Hexadecimal Chain ID, sorry i didn’t find this data using metamask tutorial (only one tutorial is always for metamaks ?)

I’m only one who need all networks ?

Kind regards
a simple lambda Brave user


Some will tell you to go to to add a network, but I consider is a security issue.

What happen if Chainlist being corrupted?

The only one safe long-term solution si to add the network according the chain documentation, like

The real question is, when we add a custom network to the new Brave Wallet, why we have to fill

  • Chain’s currency name
  • Chain’s currency decimals
  • Icon URLs

These fields must be optional, not mandatory because the chain documentation doesn’t give these informations.

So Brave with his new Wallet, gave to the final user a more complicated way to add a new network than it can be with MetaMask.

I switch to MetaMask for now.



then you u nderstand my trouble, i did’nt find any info for required field.
What the hell bro’…

I have to continue to use Metamask until it’s not so easy to use new native wallet on brave.
Nobody ask or try wallet before ? Because BSC and Polygon, sorry but who don’t this in his custom network ?

Kind regards

@LeSScro @grz You don’t need to fill all details. Icon URLs need not be filled and currency name and currency decimals (mostly 18) are trivial. Rest is same as Metamask. You should try again. Here is an example to add Polygon (Matic) Mainnet in brave://settings/wallet/networks-

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Nice, but Chain Hexadecimal exit from where exactly ?

Chain Id of Polygon as given here- is 137 (in decimal). Brave just requires its hexa-decimal which is 89. You just have to put 0x before it, so it becomes 0x89.

You can google to convert any number from decimal to hexadecimal. Like here-

PS: 0x actually means hexadecimal.

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@Aman_M I know these informations can be found, but for the final user, MetaMask is a challenge and the new Brave Wallet can be a nightmare.

I believe that the wallet have to be easily as possible. The final user don’t care about an Icon URL or the currency decimals.

MetaMask understood this.

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I would agree but given that Ethereum based crypto networks are growing fast whose design can be different from well established ones, may be Brave is trying to give more flexibility in its design for those networks to be adopted without Brave having to change its interface in future.

However these certain fields can be made optional (when they are trivial) and specifically stated as such in the interface. An explaination in the interface about in which cases these extra fields are necessary to be filled, would be nice.

PS: I would also like a blog or a wiki page or something which gives detailed instruction on adding different networks (and where to find their details), adding custom coins, connecting with web3 Dapps etc. and their usage in the Brave wallet with examples (say on testnets). Explaining Backup with legacy seed phrase and private keys and what is restored from them among others. @Mattches @onyb

Perfect ! This is the detail i miss in new wallet.
It was not clear, now it’s working because you explain me what is it this hexadecimal value.

Good job !

I tried Ox89 and I get this error message:
“Invalid format, the chain id is a 0x-prefixed hexadecimal string”
I haven’t been able to add any new networks to the Brave wallet so far and the tutorial that is on Youtube
is well out of date and doesn’t apply to the new format.
This is poor support I think.

@djroland Oh. It’s "Zero"x not Ox. Try 0x and it will work.



and other…

Now my new trouble, connect wallet on previous Metamask don’t open a popup to connect… Restart browser, the same…

I will restart computer !!
Feedback after !

A war to use a simple wallet !

After restart, here we go !!

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