New Brave wallet and MetaMask do not work with dapps

@Mattches I was just going by what I observed, a warning in the console says “MetaMask: ‘ethereum.enable()’ is deprecated and may be removed in the future. Please use the ‘eth_requestAccounts’ RPC method instead.” I just figured ethereum.enable was removed since it wasn’t working. The dapp has since been fixed whatever the issue was with metamask.

So for those having issues with metamask, make sure metamask extension is enabled and “Default cryptocurrency wallet” is set to “Brave Wallet (Prefer Extensions)” under settings → wallet. If metamask wont connect, then you will have to reach out to the dapp because something may be wrong on their end.

The problem with brave wallet still persists, I’m hoping the issue will be fixed by the release mentioned by @sriram.

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did this fix polygon and avax transactions as well? im still having issues on theses chains interacting with dapps.

I have also had issues pop up.
My Brave wallet is linked to Zed Run, which I was using a lot prior to latest update.
I now can’t log in to Zed with my brave wallet address. WHen I use metamask to log in, it logs into that address, whereas previously it used to pop up with ‘sign in’ button via metamask and log me in through my Brave Wallet address. Any guidance here?

Note that the default wallet setting in brave://settings/wallet will not take effect for an already opened tab. After changing values there you need to close any old tabs and open a new one to have the changes take effect.

Ya that’s just a warning.

That is fixed with the hotfix (1.32.113) that was just released. Please update.

With 1.32.113 I am now able to connect with new brave wallet!

Another question, will the new brave wallet support adding custom tokens via code? Like MetaMasks wallet_watchAsset?

Yes we’ll add support here soon: