New brave update (v0.22.727) hangs indefinitely on startup with or without any tabs open



Tried updating multiple times from the older version (info below) as well as a clean uninstall/download/install but the newest Brave update (Brave Browser v0.22.727) always hangs upon opening.

I’ve tried the 32 bit and 64 bit versions from the brave website but they both have the same hanging issue. It does not matter if I have a few tabs open or none, brave fails to finish loading the home page and then says program unresponsive if I try to click on the program’s window.

The reason I’m still using this specific old version is that it’s the most recent downloaded install exe that I have that works. Brave successfully updated from within the program until the last update. Please help.

My laptop's specs:  

Win 7 Home Premium 64-bit


i7-3610QM CPU - 2.3 GHz

    Brave: 0.21.24
    rev: 19c78a1624118e344852c4c0f44c0d45be841b5f 
    Muon: 4.9.3 
    OS Release: 6.1.7601 
    Update Channel: Release 
    OS Architecture: x64 
    OS Platform: Microsoft Windows 
    Node.js: 7.9.0 
    Brave Sync: v1.4.2 
    libchromiumcontent: 65.0.3325.162


Hi @herdcats

When you say you tried a clean install, does that mean you tried a new profile as well?



Hello I’m experiencing the same thing for the last 2 days. Unresponsive and spinning beach ball. I force quit and problem still exists.



I logged for this issue but would like more information if possible. Do you use extensions? Which ones? Do you have Brave Payments enabled? Are you using Brave Sync?



Only extension I have is Metamask, which I don’t use actively. I do have brave payments enabled. For that reason I didn’t want to delete and reinstall browser, not sure if I needed to back anything up. I don’t think I’m using Brave sync.


Hi, I did not delete the local profile in appdata. I can try that if you think it would fix the issue.

As for the other questions, I don’t actively use any extensions. The only ones that are enabled were enabled by default.

I do have Brave Payments enabled but I don’t think it has ever successfully sent a payment. It said Last Contribution: overdue before I had to uninstall to the older version.

I do not use Brave Sync at the moment.

Browser Freezes On Launch

@Barakas25 @herdcats

If you don’t have the backup words to your brave wallet, I wouldn’t delete your profile. You could rename it and then launch Brave, this would give you a clean profile (without any bookmarks, history, or wallet data). On macOS your profile is located at ~/Library/Application Support/brave and on Windows it’s %userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\brave. In both cases you would make sure Brave is closed and then rename the brave folder to something else. When you relaunch Brave you will be starting fresh.

As I noted earlier, we do have an issue logged but without a profile which produces this it’s been very difficult to reproduce, thanks for sharing the information to my other questions. If either of you are willing to share profile data it is appreciated but we definitely understand if you don’t want to as your profile contains personal data.


@LaurenWags changing the name of the folder/profile did fix the crashing issue.

I am willing to send you a copy of my profile in hopes of fixing it. I can’t and do not want to upload the archive directly to this reply, so is there a way to privately send you or another employee at brave a zip file?


Much appreciated!! I’ll private message you @herdcats :smiley:



Thanks a lot… I changed the name of the Brave profile. I relaunched Brave and it worked. I have my backup words so I was able to recover my Brave wallet. Is there a way to recover all my bookmarks or do I have to start over. Also had had some prior issues. 1. My passwords for sites were no longer be saved after log out? Will this new relaunch fix it? 2. On Binance when you drag the icon to fill the puzzle it wouldn’t work unless I disabled the cookies.


Hi @Barakas25

You can try this for your bookmarks before starting over:
Go to your current brave profile and rename your ‘session-store-1’ file.
Go to your old brave profile (the renamed one) and copy the session-store-1 file.
Paste the copied session-store-1 file into your current brave profile folder.
Launch Brave.
This may or may not give you the same issue as before - it’s tough to tell since I don’t know what the problem is.
If this doesn’t work, then unfortunately you’d have to start over with your bookmarks.

As for your other issues -
For issue 1, we have an item logged for this -
For issue 2, we have an item logged for this -



A dev has reproduced the bug from my profile.

Problem is here (only affects folks w/ Brave Payments):

There’s no end condition for this while loop given the data I have in this profile

There is a pending fix that is also posted in the comments on Github. Hopefully, we will see the fix in next update. :slight_smile:


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