New "Brave Shields" button now much less useful for me

Just curious about this part, as it’s been a while since I’ve seen v1; but does this not cover that? Granted, it might be 1 extra click over v1, as I said I don’t recall the UX well enough.


(The latter one is clickable and shows you the specific URLs.)

V1 allowed users to see the scripts that were blocked/allowed.
Now we don’t have that functionality.
We no longer see what was trying to load, and have no choice but to accept what brave allows to load whether we want it loaded, or not.
This is the rub.

I don’t really care about the number of clicks, I do care to know what is loading in my browser.

One point about ‘Advanced Controls’ to be always ON like v1 which many users complained, has been solved

Release notes:- Release Channel 1.43.88

Edit:- I think everything has been solved. I am able to see scripts blocked in ‘Block scripts’ feature and any trackers and ads blocked if scripts are allowed in the ‘trackers blocked’ feature.

Short note here: I cannot see the possibility to only allow some scripts, but I can only allow all scripts or none. Maybe I am not able to find the correct spot for that, hence:
Is this possible (to allow only some scripts) or not?

Furthermore, is any sort of Shields’ settings synced to other devices (e.g., if I allow scripts for page X on my device 1, is this synced to device 2)?

Right now, NO.

But, github issues have been opened for them. It is popular requested feature. We might see it in the future