New "Brave Shields" button now much less useful for me

I liked using v1 too. Take Wordle for example, you could play with just enabling javascript and not the umpteen other scripts enabled when you disable block scripts. I do not have any desire to save or track Wordle results or settings. I just want to play the daily and leave. Why would I want to have all those other scripts with potential privacy issues enabled?

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Source: User Solutions: Brave Release 1.42.x

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‘It allows the scripts to load, or it gets outed as a customer of epstien island.’

Billionaires gonna protect their billions.

The removal of the flags which enabled us to use v1 Shields is one step too far by the developers of Brave.

They are simply NOT listening to what Brave users want.

It is time to dump Brave and look for a new browser.

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Yeah, somehow I doubt that the tech giants are gonna let us be free enough that their privilege is threatened.
They have to know everything at every moment or they might get toppled.
That means fedbook and boogle scripts must load.

The brave devs know exactly what they have done.
I’m sure they are just following orders from the billionaire that signs their slave wage checks.
(How can I be a slave, I get a paycheck?)

If you find one, post it here so we can all move to a project that values us as crowd sourced wisdom.