New "Brave Shields" button now much less useful for me

Clicking the “Brave Shields” button, I get a popup that was just as big as before, but the only useful thing it has is a toggle for shields up and a button for Advanced Controls. The old button was equivalent to going to advanced controls, but with a smaller and easier to read layout. This is a SIGNIFICANT reduction in usability as it now takes an extra click and significant mouse move to allow scripting once on a shields up site. This is the primary way I use Brave.

Is there an option to turn this back to the old settings? There is not a “Brave Shields” section in settings.

I really do not see any way that the new button is better. Does anyone know why this change was made? I am curious, not complaining.


Have exact the same feeling.
I don’t like the new menu :frowning:

found the solution (for now)

#brave-shields-v1 set to enabled
#brave-shields-v2 set to disable


I just replied your post! Thanks for the tip!

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I didn’t like either and the new menu is way bigger than the old. I can’t see the part of the menu written below. Device res. is 1366x768 and the language is Turkish.

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I agree, this change is a retrograde change, reducing the discreet and selective control over scripts that Brave Browser gave to privacy and security.


@anoraknophobia ,

Thank you for posting your observation and remarks at GitHub:

I have not yet found the “context” by @rebron , mentioned by @stephendonner .

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In simple terms, it is ‘bloated’.

Way too much extra space left in the sides (left right, top, bottom) in the default sheilds pop-up and in the advanced contorls sheilds pop-up.


Agreed on all counts. This change is indeed retrograde in my eyes.
Can’t see why Run Once would be removed, why remove an OPTIONAL function?
Also can’t see why there’s no ability to force the “Advanced Controls” section open by default. This just leads to people naturally Downing ALL shields, rather than JUST scripts, but still keeping the other elements on, etc.

Why would you want that?

palianskas stated that there’s an option in brave://flags/ to restore the old shields panel. Search for Shields, set V2 to Disabled and V1 to Enabled. Back to the old functionality, woo. :slight_smile:


Palianskas, that is what I do. I found anoraknophobia’s similar post just after I created this topic.

I use brave but can not recommend it to non-technical people due to the self promotion at the expense of usability, like we see here. I want to be able to recommend Brave :slight_smile: It is so close!


Agreed! What were they thinking?

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I agree with you completely in regards to the new Shields Button Menu, this is a nonsensical change.

I was hoping to see more changes of a functional nature to give us a more fine grained approach to the Shields.

Obviously the Brave developers are NOT listening to what users and are completely ignoring requests for more fine grained control over the Shields.

This is a reduction in usability as it now takes an extra click to be able to see what was previously displayed when clicking on the shields icon.

This change is a backwards step and is the exact opposite of what many were hoping for.

What on earth were the developers thinking when they decide to introduce this?.


To be fair, they did leave the button if you change the setting, and remember the crypto part of the browser is what pays the bills.

My guess is the developers consider it a minor feature, while we consider it the primary reason for using Brave.

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Brave developers have completely wasted valuable time and effort on introducing a detrimental change in the Shields function that NOBODY REQUESTED.

What is next?

I do hope that the Brave developers are NOT going down the same path of development that is rapidly sending Firefox to an early grave.

Firefox did not listen to what their users wanted and ignored their strong protests, they simply kept on making detrimental and nonsensical changes that nobody asked for or liked.

The end result is Firefox has now got a miserable 4.2% of browser users, down from a worldwide peak of 30%.


Users for months (years) have asked more control over shields. Not immediately to the same level as UBO but slowly at least near UBO. As shields is directly integrated with the browser, it could even do stuff that UBO (umatrix, noscript) can never be able to do as they are extensions and have their own limitations.

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This is quite true users have indeed been asking for more fine grained control over the Brave Shields for several years and NOTHING has changed.

Brave developers seem to be ignoring what the users want at their own peril.

Nobody from Brave has made a definitive statement on this request for improved Brave Shields.

If Brave developers truly respect what users want they could issue a statement of support for this or reject this altogether.

The recent change to the Brave Shields V2 were the exact opposite of what we were hoping to see.

We want improvements made to the Brave Shields which could make them more powerful than uBlock Origin, uMatrix and NoScript due to the fact the Brave Shields are not extensions are integrated within the browser itself.

Nobody is expecting these improvements to happen overnight,
but it would be nice to know what the long term future roadmap development plans are for Brave.


Just wanted to inform everyone that we do have an open issue for the Shields view (advanced vs simple) not persisting here:

The whole point is that NOBODY here has made a feature request which makes the Brave Shields less easier to use.

Brave developers have much more important things to focus on in regards to improving security and privacy, it is irrational for them to waste hours of valuable time making changes to the Brave Shields interface which make them less easy to use and introduce changes NOBODY requested.


Just want to add my desire for granular Shields and Javascript control here before this thread closes - selectively allowing scripts is the key feature I use Brave for.

I also miss being able to selectively run Javascript without allowing all scripts. I guess that will never come back…

I do appreciate being able to use v1 Shields. I hope these features aren’t further regressed in the future


I think they removed the flags all together (v1, v2) in the latest update Brave 1.42, chromium 104.

I defaulted to version 2 directly after the update.

Pretty bad. I liked the UI of v1. It was simple, compact, good looking.

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The permanent removal of granular control of Javascript sources is a backward step that markedly reduces the value and usability of Brave. Other browsers relying on extensions are now a better option, for usability, at least.