New brave download won't install

I uninstalled brave because it stopped blocking and tracking (according to settings for the shields), then downloaded the latest version (1.41.100) to re-install. After download and unpack on MAC OS, it will open on the ‘disk image’ but will not install (drag and drop) to the Application folder. Running Brave from the disk image it is blocking ads and trackers again (according to settings for the shields).

Do I have to delete the old Library folder supporting brave to get it to allow the new download of brave to ‘install’ on the hard drive instead of running off the disk image? Or some other thing?

Thank you

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No you shouldn’t have to delete the application data folder. What exactly happens when you drag the app into the applications folder when the file is unpacked?

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Screen Shot 2022-07-26 at 5.44.33 PM

See attached error message

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Interesting — this is when you try to download from the official website (

Additionally, do you see anything Brave related that is being blocked on your system (check System preferences --> Security & Privacy)?

Yes, the official website that you noted. I tried downloading to .dmg again, same unsuccessful result. Then I pulled the old .dmg from earlier this year, and it don’t work either.

What is error code -36? Thank you

I’ve actually not seen this error before and had to look it up — it appears to be an issue on your system’s end rather than Brave. All the solutions to resolve this issue that I’m seeing are the same so I would recommend trying the steps laid out in this article:

I’m also linking a couple additional articles to show that the solutions suggested are the same, and to provide more information on what may be causing the issue.

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