New Brave ad placement, that is now gone

I have rewards turned on and really disliked when Brave changed their “toast” windows from an internal window to a Native (Windows) notification. Those notifications really do not need to announce itself and don’t get me started on the Notification Center that you have to clean up. (Yes you can turn individual apps off from posting in the Center, but sometimes those apps ignore that you turned it off). Anyway, I have a email extension where the internal browser toast was much better than the Native (Windows) one as well, so far as functionality.

To my point, there was a new Rewards ad popup that didn’t make any noise and I felt it was less intrusive than the OS toast. Now its gone back to the old version and I am rather disappointed about it. Hopefully I am not in the minority on this issue but I have a feeling I am.

If there is anyway you could compromise on whatever others do not like about it and bring it back that would be awesome. Thanks!

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Indeed, I felt same.
I’ll love them to give us the choice or make it permanent.

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