New Application of Brave

Brave is working perfectly well ! I would like to suggest you to introduce a Brave mail(for account). Then you can introduce various apps apart from browser and search engine. I can suggest you one which would be very popular if you introduce, even the tech giants have not introduced it! That app will be “Brave Library” where the user can upload various novels, study material of various subjects,exam
notes, mythological books, literature of different languages and others will be able to see it just like a digital library. If one would upload some books then he/she should be given points depending on the number of pages and likes. Uploading of unimportant matter will result into deduction of points.You can even ask some people to register and earn points by deleting duplicate files of others or you can make a new rule wherein before uploading you have to check that the if the content is posted by someone else or not. In this app you can also introduce report system. You are introducing Brave Search, so people with high points can be given ad free search/partial ad free search. That’s why I was initially asking you to create Brave Accounts.
Thank You :blush: