New ads implementation will make me uninstall Brave

I am long time Brave user. Been using it (and contributing to source code) since early days, when it was still an Electron application.

What shocked me this morning is this tweet:

Without any warning or poll with the community this decision was taken and even released to public already.

Now hear me out. Microsoft Teams had custom notifications on macOS initially and it did not go well. They finally switched to native notifications. Custom notifications are beyond annoying and you also loose the convenience of controlling them through your OS.

If I am in a meeting with screen share and I’ve turned DND on, I don’t want to be bothered with notifications on my screen!

This change will affect not only my, but many other people daily flows.

I am sorry but if that thing is released it will turn my beloved Brave into and adware program and I have nothing else to do but to uninstall it.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk, hope you revert it.


Why not do like a lot of us have done from day 1. Disable BAT and the ADs entirely and simply use Brave as a browser?

Because without Brave rewards, Brave is not that useful. I would do just fine with Safari + AdGuard and I also have that cool new design, tab groups and private relay.

Hmm interesting that you simply use Brave for the money and do not care about the privacy protection and tracking that it offers end users.


As I said without Brave rewards, Brave is not the different than any other browser with AdBlock.

Privacy is a complex thing.

At that point Safari > Brave in regards to that, it has intelligent tracking prevention, great choice of Adblock extensions (some of them are more powerful than brave’s built in ones, e.g. 1Blocker), have private relay built in (Brave VPN for example is only available on mobile and is paid), etc.

Also Brave have a lot of infrastructure parts that are proprietary. How could you be sure privacy is properly handled there? At that point I am more inclined to use Safari, rather than Brave if privacy is my concern.

Think I will bail on the Brave Rewards system if they try to shove this new placement down my throat with no option to keep it the way it was. I like my notifications bottom-right – period.

This sudden change was not thought out very well.

Did y’all even read the tweets? You can disable the new notification scheme and set it back to using Windows in-built notifications.

Why everyone gotta be so huffy about everything all the time. Sheesh.

Did you check the tweets posting time? Obviously the explanation about the setting was given way after this topic.

It is fine if there will be a way to switch back to the native notifications, however this was not the first place impression from the original tweet.

In the Tweet the following information can be read:

But unfortunately for me this doesn’t work. I made the flag change but still get the new notifications instead of the system ones - even after restarting Brave a few times. This is a bit annoying.

Information about the change and how to control it in the flags section wasn’t given before implementing the change without warning, but yes, you can edit the flag setting, or you can drag the custom notification from top right to bottom right and it will remember the placement for future ads. So, problem solved, though it would have been nice to be informed about this change without having to search for the solution.

Yes, you can edit the flag settings… but this didn’t change anything for me. After editing the flags as said in the Tweet I still receive this new ads instead of the old ones. Windows notifications for Brave are active so I would expect that after the flag change the old ones would appear again.

@Mattches: Should this flag setting still work or would it be deactivated? Do you know anything about this topic?

We are rolling back this change presently:


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