New AD banners for Brave 730x90

I’ve made few banners for Brave with the official palette. Feel free to use them. If you want some special colours (if permitted) I can create for you, just buzz me with the HTML colour codes.


Nice, I’m liking these banners a lot!


I’ve been looking for something like this!

You mention a specific image size on here… does that mean you have other formats as well?

Alternatively - does someone from Brave know if there’s anything “formal” in relation to this as it would be super ideal as a separate banner to the “Tipping Banner”!


I don’t have other formats. Last time I made this according to the specs of the media pack provided by brave.
It’s quite easy if you use gimp to personalize and create your banners.


Good day @overkill22, I’m just wanna ask you if can I download your banner? :grinning::v:


Might be of use to some people:

I downloaded the media assets, which includes a set of creatives at varying sizes as well as for varying social media platforms.

I need to do a little work on my responsive image sizing choices as at the moment my standard ad sizes don’t fully align with the creatives available as part of this pack - but overall it’s pretty much spot on!

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Sorry for the late reply, of course !

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