Never received referral

I created my account using my friend’s referral last year in june. And till date i haven’t recieved anything for referral
I can send my rewards internals of needed.
Please get it checked
Also, now i am not able to see my own referral link
What’s wrong??

Does anybody reply in this forum???

@Rajni11 - you wont receive any rewards if you use some refferal to install brave, owner of that refferal should receive rewards

Well he hasn’t received it either
This was done during the mega giveaway offer last year
At that time both should have got it.
Kindly check

How many days i have to wait for the reply this time??

@Rajni11 - as far as I know, there was no such giveaway that both (refferer and installer) received rewards for installation…if refferer did not received his reward, he can try to contact the support…but well, honestly, it was one year ago…

One more query. If i dont click on the claim button for the whole month, will my rewards for that month be forfeited??
I feel there is some discrepancy in my rewards

Dont know if this is a rule or something here
Every time i ask something, after 12-14 hours, i have to bump the topic to get a reply

You wont loose your rewards in case that you dont push claim button

Please get my rewards internal checked as i feel there is something wrong with my bat amount

Required bump
Please reply

Bump 2
I think this time i will get the reply

Bump, get my rewards internal checked

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