Never Received PC Browser Rewards and Android Is Now "Flagged"

My PC Browser sad I had 11+ BAT rewards coming, then switched to the greenish banner saying they were in then it disappeared and I never received the BAT. A few days later I was disconnected on my android brave/gemini account and I tried logging in and it said my android was “flagged”

I have changed nothing in my account, pc, android or anything other than updating brave as required. So, I have no clue what’s going on, I just know I never received my BAT for my PC browser or my android. And somehow my android phone is now flagged.

I just don’t understand, things were actually going smoothly last month and now a problem.

I opened up 2 Tickets for each device, but I thought I should post here because I don’t seem to be getting a response. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thank You.

Too many tickets. Just need the one.

You may want to check out parts of my little FAQ on that. I give some tips and info.

I was thinking since they were different devices I needed separate tickets to fill that form out. I will read through those links, thank you.

Might be the way I saw it too. I saw it as if you opened 2 tickets for each device, which means you submitted 4 total tickets. But based on what you just mentioned here, I’m guessing you meant you opened 2 total, one for each device, lol.

And not sure what Support would say. You can honestly put in information for all your devices on one ticket if you’d like, but maybe it’s better to divide it up. :man_shrugging:

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