Never received July or Aug rewards, Verified Uphold account, everything up to date

I never received my July or Aug rewards, Verified Uphold account, MacBook and Browser are both fully updated.

I earned:
July 15.77 BAT from my MacBook and 4.492 BAT from my Win.PC
Aug 9.188 BAT from my MacBook and 5.812 BAT from my Win.PC

MacBook Air OS Monterey V.12.3.1
Brave V.1.43.89

My rewards currently says “Congrats! Your August rewards have arrived!” however nothing was delivered.

I’ve been verified with uphold since last year sometime.

I have successfully received payouts in the past, however this is not the first time I never received anything, this is just the first time I’m taking the time to complain, it seems like it only works every other month but this time I didn’t receive anything back to back months.

I am NOT using a VPN

I am in a supported region: United States, Missouri

Yes I have completed Uphold’s CDD requirements.

Thank you so very much for any and all help!


hey, I’ll suggest that you raise a ticket at the link below →

Do note, It might take a while till they get back to you cause they might be getting a lot of tickets and also the staff generally works from Monday to Friday.

It’s happening to very many people, especially recently.

My guess is that they’ve resorted to this to survive the bear market.

Thank you very much!

Thank you for your help!

Of course. I mean, the idea they bought a little more than 1.6 million BAT lately, 2.3 million BAT last month, etc must show they don’t have any BAT or money.

I swear, some people just like to say things without thinking or even trying to search for validation first.

it has been fixed yet??

Idk. Did you receive a reply on the email you submitted?

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