Never received an alert for ads in two motnhs


I am using Brave since two months now. I have activated de Brave Rewards. And i never received any alert to watch a advertisement.

In two months i have collected 0.75USD.

Btw i am on Mac Os Catalina.

Any help ? Thanks !

Hi @J0wZ,

Thanks for writing in. Please note that you will receive ‘up to’ the amount of ads that you opted into, not necessarily that amount. But that does seem like too small of an amount. What country do you live in? How many ads have you opted into viewing a day?

Thanks in advance!

What is your Brave version? This issue (ads notification not appears) should be fixed with v.1.0

Hi. I am living in France. And using 1.0 Brave.

My question is why i have never seen any alert to watch an ad ?

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