Never got my Brave Browser Rewards

Hi, guys!

Could you explain why I’ve never got my rewards after watched a bunch of ads? In the setting section, everything is enabled, but nothing seems to appear in the account, like never!!! And it’s been since you started the section.
I would appreciate any suggestion about what to do.


Which ads? Did you see ads that appears on website?

Brave Ads is shown as system notification. Did you have Brave Ads enabled under brave://rewards? There you should see the estimated BAT that you earned.

Also, did you live in the supported regions?

I’ve never received a notifications, but Brave Ads is enabled in the section.
Where can I get the list of the supported regions?

@AlanGrid here FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

Current supported regions for Brave Ads is US, Canada, German, France, and UK. With more region support is coming.

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