Never fully loads up

Brave will not fully load up on my windows 8 Laptop. When it first opens it is a bank white window. Then if i minimize it and then open it back up it will be black. If I leave it open for awhile it will then say “Page unresponsive” in a separate window, and that window also doesn’t load up.

This problem happened as soon as I installed Brave. When my laptop was running windows 8.1 Brave worked fine, but then I restored my Laptop to windows 8, because i wasn’t happy with 8.1.

I have removed Brave multiple times and reinstalled it. every time bearing the same results.

Operating System is Windows 8 version 6.2 and Brave Version is

Sometimes when it opens I will be able to right click and see the drop down for Brave. But most times it does not even do that.

thank you for all help you are able to provide.

Can you try steps mentioned here Error on yesterday's update [Windows "blank window" issue]?


Thank you. That workaround worked perfectly.

It is very much appreciated Eljuno

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Glad to know it worked, @CaptainJay98.

Closing this thread for now. Feel free to open a nee thread if you have another issue or question.

Thanks for using Brave.