Netflix playback in 1080p - build this in by default


Hi Team,

Just wondering if you have considered adding the ability for Brave to playback content in 1080p? There are extensions out there that make it possible - however privacy concerns have kept me away from them. Currently Brave, Chrome and Firefox only allow for 720p playback.

Would be a great way to differentiate Brave further from other Chromium based browsers and have an “Edge” on Firefox. (poor edge pun but I have tested the new edge chromium browser recently)


Why is it that nobody seems to reply to requests.

Guess MS is already beating everyone to the better resolution as they are even going to allow for 4K playback with their chromium release.

NOTE: Would be great to see Brave Browser start to make it into the media conversations instead of comments like this…

All other web browsers that you may use for that you may use for that, be it Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or any Firefox or Chrome based browsers such as Opera, Vivaldi, or Pale Moon, can’t play certain media streams, e.g. those from Netflix, in 1080p or 4K officially.