Netflix not working and claiming not available in incognito mode


Good day,

I’m having an issue getting Netflix to work. I’ve taken a look through the community posts and enabled widevine.

Whenever I try to watch a video I get an error about incognito mode. I’ve fiddled with putting my shields down and toggling do not track but the error persists. Any guidance would be appreciated.

I am not using a private tab. I’ve tried relaunching brave and clearing my cache but no luck. It happens everytime I hit the site. Netflix claims the browser is not supported so weren’t able to help.

I love the browser so would not want to go back to Chrome or Safari on my Macbook.


Resolved in last nights update.


Thanks for reporting back @Ricksor1987 - I was unable to reproduce. Will close this thread for now, please open another if you find this happening again.


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