Netflix does not work despite widevine

Hello everyone,
I have a small problem with Netflix on my Android device. For some time now, I have been getting the error message “E100” and the message “Sorry for the interruption. This title is not available for streaming. Please try another title.” Sometimes the error messages vary, but the “E100” message always appears after reloading. I have already deleted my browser and website data and logged in again. Widevine is active
Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

Error message when Trying to watch Netflix

How can this issue be reproduced?
I just try watching a Episode

Expected result:
Error message

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Mobile Device details

Additional Information:

For some reason that error message was showing Xbox error codes. Maybe you’re trying to play a video in the wrong region? Try different videos to test with.

Thank you very much for your quick reply.
I had actually tried to stream a series in a region other than my default region (since then I have also had the problems). However, I have been back in my normal region for some time now and the error still occurs. The series works on my other devices.
Regarding the error codes: "I often get long numbers and then when I reload the page, I get “E100”. No matter which series or film I start, I always get the error on my Android Tablet.

Maybe trying to clear the cookies/cache, then relogin into Netflix.

It looks like it’s a Netflix issue. They probably want you to use the app. I’ll try to speak to Netflix support. Thanks for the help.