Needing extensions on this browser!



Hello I am Yusef , I have been using brave browser for two weeks on my computer , and the brave is faster than any browser that i have been used before , maybe the brave is the fastest ok? , it’s safer and faster also the style of browser looks amazing . But …

well the brave just need an extensions ,.I mean your work was amazing on this browser but there is a lot of extensions that just i/we need to use it, so i have suggestions for you , like using chrome extension or using fire fox extension or make your browser extension to make an amazing browser with this adding . I hope that you will read my message and made an amazing extension for this browser and thanks if you read this .


You will be able to install extensions as you do on Chrome/FF, still it requires some time. Until that the extensions will be manually added.

Please have a look at for extensions implementation.


ok just want to say thanks for your works also thanks for reply

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