Need to migrate user from pc to Macbook

Description of the issue:
I had some issues on a pc awhile back and backed up my user profile folder on a usb stick. Is there a way to migrate my user profile from my pc to my MacBook? I have searched pretty much all day, but cannot find anything. I had no issue transferring the user profile from usb to my other pc… Took about 5mins, but this is way different for me. I am guessing it is difficult? If that is the case, is there another way to accomplish this? I do not have the sync code, but I have been thinking of moving the user profile from the usb to another pc and then get sync code and then log onto MacBook and sync. The reason I want to do this is because I want to have my .js extensions, profile, etc. on my new MacBook. Would appreciate any help… Thanks guys/gals

For this, Syncing is definitely your best option — especially if you’re moving between two different OSs. And yes you are correct:

  1. Install Brave on a Windows machine
  2. Replace User data folder in new installation with the one on your USB
  3. Ensure that all your data is still there
  4. Setup a Sync chain between the windows machine and your mac
  5. Ensure the Sync everything option is selected
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awesome… that’s what I figured… Can I then delete the user profile off the pc I am going to prep the sync with? I just want to make sure there are no loose ends…
Thank you sir… Much appreciated

Wait… If I don’t have my seed phrase to sync how is that going to work? Sorry, dumb question… How do I process the sync from the pc to the Mac?

On your PC, start a sync chain and select Sync everything. Then start up your mac, open Brave, add your browser to the Sync chain and wait for the data to sync. Now [just about] all your browser info should be synced from your PC to your mac and you’ll be good to wipe your PC (or do whatever with it)