Need to get my bookmarks - where are they stored online?

I’m having a HUGE issue right now. I know that Sync isn’t working at all… I get they are working on it. My problem is that Brave was my ONLY browser, and I was syncing between my iPhone and my Mac… until I had to replace my hard drive that completely crashed with a new OS… and new apps. Now I have NO access to any of my bookmarks except on my phone, and I cannot conduct my business that way. Is there somewhere I can access my bookmarks online…i.e. are they stored somewhere in a cloud or whatever?

Thanks much.

Hi @andygrow, welcome to Community!
Unfortunately, that information is stored on the device. Do you have access to your old hard drive? I may be able to walk you through recovering some information.

Thank you for the reply. Is there a way to get them off of my iPhone? That’s where my most accurate ones are.



Sorry @andygrow, unfortunately not since Sync is temporarily disabled. We apologise for the inconvenience, the team is working on Sync and hopefully it’ll be back soon.

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