Need to connect a wallet to a better and more reputable exchange

The problem is that the gemini exchange did not authenticate me and delayed me for a few days for no reason.
And the uphold exchange does not authenticate me and when I ask the reason, it says I can not give you a reason, I can only say goodbye
These two exchange offices do not accept my documents for any reason. I am an Irish citizen who sent my national card to these two exchange offices and was rejected both times (considering that I am in 5 exchange offices including Binance - FTX - Coinbase - OKex - Huobi I have a verified account and my credentials have been accepted)
Now I need and I also have a question why bigger, better and more reputable exchanges like Binance like FTX like Coinbase in which I have an account and I am approved are not in the list of connections and I can not use them to withdraw? Please list better exchanges

OS Windows
Is your browser wallet currently verified? (yes/no) No
What date did you verify your wallet? Never
Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past? Nope
Are you using a VPN? No
Are you in a supported region? Yes

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