Need to change device connected to uphold account

Hey guys, I’m aware of the 4 device limit for uphold and I’m currently using it to the limit.

  • 2 profiles in the same windows PC
  • 1 profile from a macbook pro
  • 1 profile from a Oneplus 7T

So recently, I formatted my Oneplus 7T phone and installed brave browser. I couldn’t connect the newly installed browser to my uphold account due to the limit (since the browser installed in my phone before formatting is still considered active). Is it possible to disable the old brave browser so that I can connect the newly installed one?

Thanks, team.

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You can remove 1 uphold account using this: Unable to re-verify wallet - #118 by Mattches


Just submitted a request, thank you!

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Sorry to bother you on this, but any idea by when they’d respond to my change request?

It could be delayed since it is the weekend, in addition, there are probably a lot more people requesting it now. So not sure how long it can take.

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