Need the complete video tutorial for Brave affiliates

I’m about to promote Brave online. There are a few steps that my prospects must do to make money with Brave affiliate program such as:

  1. Install Brave into mobile, desktop, laptop.

  2. Register publisher account.

  3. Register and verify the Uphold account to receive BAT token.

  4. Transfer the tokens into your bank account.

Is there any complete video tutorial for this step by step process so that my referral can watch and do it?

Transfer the tokens into your bank account.

from uphold wallet you can transfer it to your respective wallet and corresponsind token

You misunderstood my request.

I mean I need the complete video tutorial that give the instruct to the Brave affiliates what to do with the 4 steps above.

There are tutorials and guides for all of these and more on our Help Center.

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