Need some fixes on iOS for iphone

  1. If i click a link in a website (or in my Twitter feed) it would be nice if it opens a new tab for that purpose. Currently it opens in the same tab which is annoying (please check comment 2).
  2. Currently this is how my twitter feed works. I scroll down my twitter feed until I find something interesting to open a link. Now brave opens that link on the same page. This is fine. But when I am done i press the back button to go back to Twitter feed. Now it goes to my Twitter feed and stays at the top of my twitter feed. Now I have to scroll down again where i was reading before.
    Firefox does this way. I click a link on my twitter feed and it opens a new feed. Once I am done i close that tab and come back to my twitter feed. Even if this page is refreshed it still stays at the same spot where I was reading before.
    I left a comment for this on Apple App store but got no reply. So posting this here.
    Note: Is Brave for iOS (iPhone) will also be based on chromium?
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@nellaiseemai, you should be able to long-press any link and have it open in a new tab.

The Twitter issue is also known, I’ve seen many reports of it myself. I can’t give any dates but we’re definitely on it. Will let you know if any more information comes in.

Thanks for your patience and continuing to report issue and help other users as well. Doesn’t go unnoticed!

I checked again.
long-press on twitter page does not work.
It works in other pages though.

This is not a big issue. I will wait and keep checking occasionally.
Thanks again.

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