Need Open tab to be different from other tabs in Brave browser

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When we open multiple tabs in Brave browser, the one which is currently open and the Ads opened are different tabs. But in dark mode of brave browser, the open tab is not visibly different / shown to differentiate from other open tabs. This is a problem while closing the required open tabs.
if any hightlight to show the active browser tab in dark mode will be helpful to resolve this issue.

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I find the active tab is a bit lighter/brownish then the others. It is not much different in the colour but i can see the difference.

And sure, :blush: the open tab is always what we’re reading on the screen.

the problem arises, when the BAT ad page opens, the current active page goes to Ad and if not closed, not having clear demarcation of the tabs in dark mode. especially when working from home indoor.

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file client.json

In browser folder,i have file
called (Client.json).
before delete 469 kb 28.08.2020

after your suggestions
file 406 kb 02.09.2020

text before

text created system after (difference)

you can see

you can see that
compaign “available”:true,"
ads counted campaignHistory":{},“score”:0.0

does your text
looks like that

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Check your DM in a minute. And hide your UUID Info edit the text above I suggest