Need more information on this before I choose if I want to or not



I have no idea what this does, I need more information to make a decision.


Hi @protiss,

It’s a notification for Brave Payments. From FAQ

Brave Payments is our BAT-based publisher contribution system that anonymously and automatically supports your favorite websites, while remaining untracked by anyone, including us at Brave Software.



Right, but if they’re going to provide a choice, they need to provide information necessary to come to a conclusion. I still have this stupid bar up there, which now I know I can say “No” to (based on docs), but … If you’re going to ask someone to make a decision, provide them with the tools necessary to make that decision, without having to go to docs. Pretty much every other company on the planet does that, or am I wrong? “What is this?” or simply, “?”, or “More,” or “…,” or tooltip on mousehover … something.

Either that, or let me find out that there is something called “Brave Payments” by reading the docs, and let me enable it in Settings if I want to. But if you’re going to give me a mandatory choice (the bar is still up there waiting on me, 4 hours later), then provide the necessary information for me to choose.

But don’t force a decision without providing information necessary for that decision.


If I’m not wrong, Yes option will bring you to Preferences > Payments. There you should see more information too. Payments also mentioned at about:welcome, first page that seen by first-time install users.

Q: Did more information at your screenshot was added by yourself?

Also thanks for the feedback. Let me cc @alex and @kamil too regarding your feedback. :slight_smile:



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