Need more control over what gets blocked in Brave Shield


I want to be able to block all ads, trackers, cookies, scripts and device recognition from the start. Then, as I browse the web, when a site breaks, I want to be able to add only what is necessary to make that site work and Brave should save those settings. It appears that I can only “apply once” (relating to scripts on Gmail and Twitter) instead of permanently saving. I recognize that the speed of my browser is much faster using Brave, but I feel I need more control over what exactly to block and allow and those should be save permanently. On this page ( scripts are allowed. If I change the setting to block scripts, the page refreshes and the appears changes dramatically and the message at the bottom says Brave works best with Javascript enabled (or some such). Yes, when I look at the shield, it does not indicate that any scripts are blocked. (Scripts blocked 0). I want to be able to enable Javascript for this site alone and save it. Maybe I don’t understand it all well enough, but in my mind, I want everything blocked and only allow the bare minimum for the site to work. So far, this is not happening.


As Brave is based on Chromium, you can combine the two to make a tank-browser. Go to the Brave settings (chrome://settings/content), block all by default (cookies, images, javascript etc), then use the padlock icon on the address bar to open the preferences of the visited site, set up and refresh the page and that’s it.

But it is quite laborious via the browser, especially since all configurations can easily disappear so the best is to use an extension like uMatrix which will make all manipulations easy, temporary or not, cookies, cache, images, xhr, scripts etc… This is the best extension to date for this.
Other extension like Scriptsafe is also good for this, block webgl, webrtc, fingerprint, spoofer etc

Use uMatrix and uBlock Origin is also possible, uBlock Origin for filterlit and static filters, and uMatrix for the rest. You can also combine uMatrix, uBlock Origin and Scriptsafe.

Then use chrome://flags flags, to display and configure all hidden chromium functions.


Hi @KingWm
Maybe this thread can help answer? No more saving shield preferences per site?



I believe you can accomplish most or all of this with Nano Adblocker or uBlockOrigin used in Advanced User Medium Mode and by making use of its unified Logger. uMatrix probably can do more but it is not as easy to use IMO. Please correct me if I am wrong.


Of course, anyway, today we can do a lot of things with all the extensions available.

uBlock O is different from uMatrix. They have some common functions but basically they are very different with advantages and lack for both and are not made for the same use. That’s why combining them is quite possible and make them very powerfull.

To understand uMatrix, we have to think in terms of tabs, while uBlock O only uses one for all settings (local/global). From there, uMatrix is just as easy to use as uBlock O.