Need Information regarding account review and next expected payment

Hello, As my account was under review since May 9th and after sending mail to support, I haven’t got any reply till now. So my question is its already end of May and no reply from support. So should I expect for payment in June if my account is unblocked before June 9th payment date or it will be July if Its unlocked after June 1. I tried searching forum regarding this but everywhere the redirection was to this topic Important Information regarding Account Reviews/Suspensions but I can’t find answer there.

Hi there – do you have a ticket #? We can take a look.

Cc @Mattches

yes my ticket number is 16256 @Asad

Couldn’t find a ticket with that number. Can you PM me your email address you use to login to Brave Rewards?

Still not coming up – please send me the email address you use to log in :slight_smile:

sent you PM with my email address @Asad

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Got it. I put you into advanced review. We should have a final decision for you before next payout.

Thanks, I will wait for the decision

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