Need help to make sure I didn't mess anything up

I ended up having to uninstall and reinstall brave to troubleshoot with Samsung SmartThings, It ended up resetting my rewards profile and it’s showing a different estimated payday It says the 31st instead of the 7th like my tablet and laptop. I’m hoping nothing broke by doing so. I know you can only have 4 profiles in a life time. And I plan on getting a new phone soon as well. I just need someone to double check the back end of it. Or just get some general feedback.

Not true. Device limit been removed for quite some time now, like around a year.

No clue why this would be the case.

Thank you for the info, it’s not very easy to find info retaining to the rewards and whatnot but I uninstalled brave and then reinstalled it and now when you go to the your rewards / internals on the browser or whatever that shows all your details on the diagnosis info tab it shows Diagnostic Info
Ads not initialized, please refresh the page
I refresh it and it still says it. I think something’s messed up on the back end. I sent a ticket in to make sure it could be checked out or whatever cuz I’m not too sure I’m not even getting ads to pop up anymore on my phone. I was trying to troubleshoot on my own I logged into my laptop and then it like recorrected itself but now it just resorted back to it I’m not too sure why but now it has a different add profile and also add profile date then what I had originally so it never resorted back to my old profile must have reset my entire profile for the rewards. And now there’s like conflicting problems I guess maybe.

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