Need help regarding frequent and random website crashes

When I try to load various sites i will receive an error message that I am unsure of how to fix or avoid.

I have looked online for ways to solve and fix this issue but I have not been able to find any, I have seen posts covering solutions to very similar issues but none the same as mine. This issue also occurs on other chrome based browsers.

I have Norton 360 VPN installed, I have had it for over a year though people commonly ask if you are using a vpn with similar issues.

My error message reads:
“Aw snap
Something went wrong while displaying this web page

Can you provide links to any?

Question is, have you tried anything? For example, toggling Shields? Disabling/removing extensions? Testing in a new browser profile?

And have you tried disabling VPN? If so, did it make a difference?

Other critical information you left out:

  • Which version of Brave are you using?

  • Which version of Windows?

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