Need help recovering/transferring BAT from Mobile Browser


I have been using Brave Browser as my default browser on my mobile device for quite some time. I’m really loving the browser!

But I no longer have my recovery code, as the piece of paper I wrote it on has now been destroyed due to water damage…

My Brave Wallet on my mobile device has a total of 49.1 BAT right now, and I’d love to be able to recover the wallet here on my new desktop computer.

Even though I no longer have my backup code, I am still able to accumulate BAT on my mobile device as this is still the wallet I am ‘logged in to.’

I notice on the desktop, I am able to view my BAT Wallet backup key any time I want in order to store it somewhere safe.

Is there any way I can view my backup code on my mobile device so that I can restore my wallet here on the desktop?

Please help!! Thank you!!

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mobile brave wallet has limited features as af now

The team is working on providing the ability for users to be able to link their mobile device Brave browser to the PC. But until that time, the options on the PC browser can’t be accessed on the mobile device. As for recovery your backup phrase, there’s nobody that can help with that. It was your responsibility to keep it safe.

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I know I was supposed to keep my wallet backup phrase more secure… I wasn’t expecting any water damage… Ahh, such is life. I guess we should always prepare for the worst.

So until further notice, I will not be able to see my backup key on my mobile device similarly to how I can view it on the PC?

Thanks for your reply.

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No, there is no recovery backup phrase on your mobile yet. You can only do it on the desktop version – are you sure that you saved it from mobile initially? That option wasn’t ever there as far as I know…

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